Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bat Mitzvah Fashion Reception

Paper Crew had a blast providing Juicy Couture inspired items for Carly's Bat Mitzvah this month. Everything turned out wonderful!
We took the original Juicy Couture logo and customized it to fit Carly's Fashion Reception.
Complete with "Carly Couture", and the Love, G&L are the parent's initials. I had to pat myself on the back for this one...

Of course matching menus:
The centerpieces were adorably unique. I love it!
The table numbers were made to look like bags as well. They were such a great accessory for the table's centerpieces.
You can't have a fashion theme without the runway! This was a great addition.

Customized Carly Couture Shopping bags were made. You can find more of these custom bags on Paper Crew's Etsy shop
I think that the highlight was these adorable escort bags. 3x3 bags with the table number card and candy inside. Who's gonna throw these customized bags away?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Bazaar

Paper Crew will be at the Holiday Bazaar selling Holiday paper products, stationery and more! Come visit us and shop local!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Custom Boxes

We have been getting a lot of requests for our custom boxes in our previous blog post. The custom mahoghany box shown is 6" x 6" x 5/8" and sealed with a metallic band preprinted with the customer's return address and guest name and address.
Paper Crew can create a custom box in a variety of colors, for any size invitation as well as all standard sizes; A9, A8, A7, A6, A2, 4-Bar, 5"Square, 6"Square, and more! If interested in receiving a quote please contact PAPER CREW at 800-616-7606.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Patricia and Benjamin: French Royalty Damask

I love it when I get to see PAPER CREW stuff in action. Here's a few wedding photos taken by Cary Pennington Photography of our beautiful bride and groom Patricia and Benjamin, who wed back in January in San Diego, California.
Table Cards with names of destinations, escort cards, menus, and programs coordinated well with their decor. I wish that there was a shot of the matching invitation :(
The stunning reception site was at THE PRADO AT BALBOA PARK

A formal 8 page program booklet bound by ribbon:

I love all the detail shots of the wedding. Everything looks so beautiful together. All the stationery start off as just a simple drawing:
And then turned into stunning pieces of decor for your table:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

V3 Events and Photo Shenanigans

Today I met with Vanessa and her team from V3 Events and her husband Mark from Photo Shenanigans Photo Booths. I am so excited to be working with Vanessa on upcoming projects and wanted to give them a little shot out! If you are looking for an awesome wedding planner, Vanessa is your gal. I'll let her photos do the talking. Absolutely fabulous.
Photography by Anika London Media

Photography by Sarah K Chen

And don't forget the coolest photo booth out there...Photo Shenanigans booth rocks! No ugly box in the middle of your event. Photo Shenanigans out ways all other booths out there.
Paper Crew loves them both! I'm brewing up some collaborations for the near future. I can't wait to share soon.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

PAPER CREW Celebrates yet another First Friday!

The mission of First Fridays is to promote and support local artists and musicians by providing them with an outlet to showcase their work. Every first Friday night of the month, participating Bixby Knolls businesses will unite to promote local artists and musicians through extended operating hours. In doing so we hope to encourage a dialogue between businesses, artists and the community.
We want people to walk, talk, look, discover and experience the Knolls.
First Fridays is what you bring to it. First Fridays is what you take from it.
Help transform Atlantic Avenue into Art-lantic Avenue.
Anything goes.
To celebrate First Fridays, PAPER CREW will be giving away Free Origami Sets to kids (while supplies last). Paper Crew is located in the heart of Bixby Knoll at 3920 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807. On Atlantic between Carson and Roosevelt.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bamboo Scroll Programs

We at PAPER CREW was able to create these beautiful Bamboo Scroll Invitations for Tracey at Polka Dot Events located in New York, New York. This is a unique program hand crafted with real bamboo poles! This program is printed with an elegant monogram in your choice of color. Although it is shown in opal and vintage pink, the colors are completely customizable!
This bamboo scroll program will be perfect for any tropical wedding, or any wedding that would like a unique program. The bamboo poles roll together and stay in place by a matching monogrammed paper band. Printed on recycled metallic paper, this program is a great choice for the Eco-friendly bride.
You can purchase this style on etsy by clicking here OR
you can contact us for your very own version!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Austin Unveiled and My Creative Wedding products by PAPER CREW!

I've got a whole list of things to blog about, so I'm a little late posting this.
But I'm really excited and proud to say that we were featured on STYLE UNVEILED - AUSTIN's BLOG.
Kristy and Charles had such a wonderful theme and with rich chocolate brown and apple green accents in their wedding invitation. The rest of the stationery coordinated with the invitation and as you can see, everything turned out just lovely. Especially when photographed by THE NICHOLS, the wife and husband photography team based in Austin, Texas.
Everything looks great together. From the menu to the table tent numbers and reserved bridal tables.
The programs were staggered pages mounted on the apple green and tied with a rich satin brown ribbon. Just gorgeous.

And what would be more complete at a wedding in Texas without a cow cake!
I love it!
For more information on this stationery set or more, check us out at or if you are in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, visit our showroom at 3920 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Secret Is You Got To Coordinate!!!

To me, one of the funniest scenes is when Pops from the movie Boomerang talks about coordinating. I've preached to my brides his same philosophy...THE SECRET IS YOU GOT TO COORDINATE!

It doesn't stop at the invitations, move on to every detail of the wedding as if it was every opportunity to coordinate. Menus, Programs, signs, water bottles, linens, dresses, invitations, and more.
I had the opportunity to attend a beautiful wedding reception at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Beach this weekend. The grounds were simply spectacular.
Paper Crew supplied the coordinating stationery starting at the ceremony with the sewn program books.
Then off to the ceremony where the guests pick their name from the table of escort envelopes. Most of you refer to this more as "place cards", but actually, Escort Cards are the cards that have your name and tell you which table to sit at. Place Cards are the cards on the table telling you which EXACT seat to sit at. BUT, Escort Envelopes are mini envelopes with your guests names printed on the front of the envelope and enclose a card with the table number inside.

This is perfect for brides that are not 100% on the seating arrangements and need the option to be able to switch tables in the last minute without compromising the custom look and feel. The mini escort envelopes are not sealed and the back top flap is used as a tent to be easily displayed.
Then to the table...unfortunately I only have one blurry picture taken with an iPhone but as you can see EVERYTHING coordinates. Table names instead of table numbers, the napkin tuck menu, and the charity card all carry the same design that was presented to the guests on their invitations. The bride and groom named their tables after all the places that they wanted to travel to together. The sweetheart table was Florence, Italy, where they are going for their honeymoon. Another helpful tip when using table names vs. table numbers is to include a seating chart of the reception area showing where each table is located. That way your guests get to their seats with ease and without having to go up to each table to view the table card.
We at Paper Crew feel that once it's on paper, it's official. Why not frame it? We make collages of all your stationery pieces, from the save the dates to the favor tag that was on a chocolate bar. It makes such a wonderful addition to your wall in the home that you and your new spouse will share.All the stationery that is mentioned above and many more coordinating ideas are all available at Paper Crew. We design, print and create on all things paper. Call us for a consultation or visit our store at 3920 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807.

Monday, May 10, 2010

NEW PROGRAM BOOKS with sewn binding!!!

I'm so excited to share the programs that my girlfriend and I just completed tonight.
She's getting married this weekend with color combinations of orange and blue. I really can't wait to share with you all the wonderful coordinates that match. Like the escort card envelopes, table name cards, and menus. PAPER CREW did for her wedding.

Program books feature an Orange cover that pops with the blue thread. These adorable little booklets are 6 pages and a custom tag saying, "true love" sewn along with the bind. Just love everything about it. Who's next? Let's do this same theme with Damask fabric and hot pink or apple green thread! So giddy thinking just about it.
Gonna have to bust out the sewing machine and come up with more things to sew on paper! Paper Crew has done it again!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paper Crew Collection: THE MADISON DAMASK SET

So you want to match your linen, THE MADISON DAMASK print, but you can't seem to find that exact Damask...well guess what? PAPER CREW HAS IT!
And on top of that, we have it in your color, for every stationery or paper need that you might have for your event.

Madison Damask Invitation Set in Black and White with Fuschia Accents
Madison Damask Invitation Set in Black and White with Blue Accents
Madison Damask Invitation Set in Black and White with Deep Red Accents
Madison Damask Invitation Set in Black and White with Chartreuse Accents
Madison Damask Invitation Set in Black and White with Tiffany Blue Accents
Dream to coordinate all your stationery, with one company. To have a consistant look from the planning to the Thank you cards.

Madison Damask Invitation Set in Black and White with Yellow Accents
Black Pocket Folder with Madison Damask Label in Black and White with Yellow Accents
Madison Damask Address Label Top Wrap with Return Address and Guests' Names and Addresses printed for you.Madison Damask Save the Date Magnet in Black and White with Yellow Accents
Madison Damask Save the Date Magnet inside a Madison Damask Pocket Folder with Accommodation Information and Yellow Envelope to match.
Madison Damask Address Label Side Wrap with Return Address and Guests' Names and Addresses printed for you.

Madison Damask Table Number in Black and White with Black Border
Madison Damask Program Cover in Black and White with Yellow Accents

Madison Damask Menu in Black and White with Yellow Accents
Madison Damask Escort Card or Place Cards in Black and White with any accent you desire.

Madison Damask Thank you Card and Envelope Set in Black and White with Yellow Accents. Madison Damask Address Label Side Wrap with Return Address and Guests' Names and Addresses printed for you.To order this set through our Etsy shop click here.