Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Destination Wedding Invitations

The best part of the summer wedding season by far is doing destination wedding invitations! Last summer my maid of honor got married in Cancun, Mexico. It's beautiful there! Crystal clear water, white powder sand, blue skies...the all inclusive resort and all you can eat and drink isn't too shabby either! It was a great time for all our close friends. For her wedding My Creative Wedding made a destination wedding invitation book! Her invitation came complete with a map of the island and an itinerary.
She had so much information that she had to pass on to her guests: accommodations, itinerary, wedding info., excursions, etc. We managed to compile it all in a RSVP postcard!

When the guests replied with a check next to "will attend", we sent out matching luggage tags so that all the guests from the bride and grooms side will know that they are there for them!
My Creative Wedding can use themes from the destination. Take this example:
We used the design from the Outrigger on the Hotel Accommodations card.

And I've got a new one getting married in Brazil this year. Her family is from Brazil, her fiancé's family is from Chili. They met in Florida. Three languages, one RSVP card, one email address! Brilliant!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Custom Program Fans

Summer weddings are coming!!! And the biggest item on the list this year is program fans. One bride from Napa, California wanted to copy one that she saw in a bridal magazine and have it match her theme. What a delight these program fans will be for the guests to use in the hot Cancun sun.
And some others...
This one has 3 layers of paper on a ribbon wrapped stick. The nice thing about this is that it really is a great fan! It's sturdy and isn't for the one time use.

There aren't too many people that do wedding program fans, but what you will see are the basic Popsicle stick with different paper shapes on them. Or even the traditional Asian fan style with a brad on the bottom let the paper fan out.
My Creative Wedding does custom Asian paper fans with your logo or monogram or design on it.

Depending on the design these fans start at $1.00 each. Order in quantities of 24. This is a great way to add some design details for a fraction of the cost. It also adds a little keepsake for your guests. Fans come in white. Designs are endless and ink can come in any color. Order your custom wedding fan today! Go to: www.mycreativewedding.com or email me at info@mycreativewedding.com

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You've asked for it...more DAMASK INVITATIONS!

Damask Galore! My Creative Wedding has got so many requests to blog more damask designs, so here you go. Enjoy!

If you see your name it's because these were sample invitations waiting for the perfect bride and groom to pick them out of the invitation pound. When I have design ideas, I want to draw them out before I forget, so I go down my address list of relatives and close friends to use for the names. They enjoy seeing their name up in print! Isn't the mint green and chocolate brown combo so scrumptious. I don't care what anybody says about chocolate brown being "so last season"...I love it! I used it a lot for all the past fall weddings. This invitation is 5x7 and has a 3x5 invitation book attached to the main damask cover stock. The book can open up to reveal all the other information, like directions, hotel accommodations or reception information.

This invitation is too cute. The way the green and blue pop off the black and white damask is just perfect! And love the different font used. Casual but not tacky. The same damask design is used for the envelope lining. The colors in the invitation played off of the invitation paper backing and the envelope color. Perfect for a destination wedding that doesn't want to feel too stuffy.

A yellow card stock and damask pocket. Perfect to hold not only the invitation, but all your inserts. The invitation pulls out to reveal the same damask design printed on the card.
And how about a tropical Damask design? This invitation folder is gate folded to reveal the invitation centered in the opening.

And last but not least...dedicated to my little cousin Carla who is about to turn sweet 16...a damask purple invitation, wrapped in a silver damask clear film, tied with a purple velvet ribbon and complete with a crown tag.

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