Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Destination Wedding Invitations

The best part of the summer wedding season by far is doing destination wedding invitations! Last summer my maid of honor got married in Cancun, Mexico. It's beautiful there! Crystal clear water, white powder sand, blue skies...the all inclusive resort and all you can eat and drink isn't too shabby either! It was a great time for all our close friends. For her wedding My Creative Wedding made a destination wedding invitation book! Her invitation came complete with a map of the island and an itinerary.
She had so much information that she had to pass on to her guests: accommodations, itinerary, wedding info., excursions, etc. We managed to compile it all in a RSVP postcard!

When the guests replied with a check next to "will attend", we sent out matching luggage tags so that all the guests from the bride and grooms side will know that they are there for them!
My Creative Wedding can use themes from the destination. Take this example:
We used the design from the Outrigger on the Hotel Accommodations card.

And I've got a new one getting married in Brazil this year. Her family is from Brazil, her fiancé's family is from Chili. They met in Florida. Three languages, one RSVP card, one email address! Brilliant!


jamie said...

brilliant! seriously! the map of florida and brazil?!!!!

Jenalyn's mommy said...

wow! I really loved how you put the booklet together. Your the bomb! Have a great week!

mama mihan said...

wow chan, you truly amaze me my dear. i like how the cancun invite matches the destination look and feel from the photo.

Meow Opre said...

Awesome wedding invitations! I'm also browsing more so i could pin them on my Pinterest boards. Really lovely =D