Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Creative Favor and Placecard Combo Ideas

Loved this packaging idea for our summer bride.
She decided that she wanted her place cards and favors all in one. We took this and packaged pear and strawberry jelly belly's in a clear purse box lined with the same green paper that she used for her invitations. Finish it off with a hot pick bow and "WA LA!" a burst of cute-ness!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Damask Invitations Galore!

This year is definitely a damask invitation year! They're beautiful. There are linens to match and the whole theme is seriously gorgeous in a ball room.

And I love this new cherry blossom invitation that I'm doing for one of my brides that will be getting married in Hawaii. She called it her Nacho Libre colors...I call it a breathe of fresh air!

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Creative Wedding Invitations and Pole Dancing?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Colette owner of OC Pole Fitness in Aliso Viejo. My girlfriends and I like to do different things and yesterday had a private session with Colette. I do admit that I was a little embarrassed at first and didn't know what to expect, but Colette tricked us! We basically got one heck of a workout and didn't know it! It works out your core and arms and builds your strength. It increases your flexibility, improves your posture and burns fat! She mentioned to me that they do a lot of bachelorette/bachelor parties. This would be an awesome class to take your bridesmaids. It was fun, different and I actually got a great workout! Whatever my initial thoughts were about "pole dancing" couldn't be more wrong. To all the brides out there...go see Colette in the OC!!! She's awesome! You are not being taught by a professional stripper. This girl has an MBA, two beautiful girls and teaches self confidence in women who take her classes. My girlfriends and I can't wait to take our next class!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Close but it's no cigar

I finished a wedding invitation layout for a bride. It's close but no cigar. Back to the drawing board! (Shucks...I guess I get to design another one...she didn't have to twist my arm or anything) Since she didn't want it...any takers?!
Oh!!! And my favorite photographer: jamie of {jac} sent me some photos of a set we did for CJ and Stephen.
I love the contrast that her black and white programs and placecards have with the deep red roses. Just beautiful!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Inviting you to new beginnings.

We had a booth at the Bridal Showplace held at the Queen Mary.
This was the first time my brother joined us for the show.
I met a lot of new people that I'm happy to say that I'll be doing their invitations! During set up, Paul saw a friend of his that he hasn't seen since high school. His friend happened to be the son of the lady that runs the Bridal Showplace! What a small world.
Today we delivered two sets of invitations. We finished Jenny Lee's Lemon-Lime invites:
And we finished Elma and Kenny's spring larch pochette invitations:
They were on a tight budget for wedding invitations, but wanted didn't want to sacrifice design. This invitation was a good choice for them. The invitation flips up and the RSVP and directions are in the inside. The RSVP postcard is perforated so the guests just rip it off and send it in.
They really liked the orchid that was drawn originally for Camille and Ray's wedding:
Photo by {jac}
Photo by {jac}
Photo by {jac}

The wedding invitation industry is really evolving. The designs that were different 2 years ago are common and old. This month and next I'm going to be concentrating on my first love: design. I've been wanting to close the door and redo my boards for a long time now. There are so many invitation sets that have been completed that are not even displayed! Shame on me!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Love all the modern changes to wedding invitations recently

People always ask me about different wedding invitation etiquette. But others really just want what they want. It's nice that the little ideas that are outside the "etiquette" comfort box have become more accepted. Otherwise we'd be out of business, and worst...everyone would have white invitations with black thermograph printing, a bunch of loose cards in an envelope separated by tissue paper! Unique, creative ideas and color is what inspires me.

Jenny Lee's Custom Wedding Invitation

Her R.S.V.P. card with custom drawn meal selections:

Party at the Amada Plaza!
It's getting busy for the show. Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The first official blog!

I am extremely excited to start this blog! I get to post all the updates with our business. I can talk about things to come and orders that are being filled, and chit chat about conventions that we're attending and people we meet along the way. It'll also be a way for brides to view all the different designs, paper swatches and wedding ideas. 

This week we delivered custom letterpress pok-a-dot invitations. They're gorgeous! We love that we can custom our pockets. Print on them, emboss them, hot stamp, foil...you name it! It can all be done! 

Invitation in custom printed letterpressed folder (inside on left, outside on right):

Matching Thank you tent cards:
Maching Pok-a-Dot Save the Date Calendar cards:

The flat design doesn't do it justice. Can't wait to take a few shots of the whole set! She ordered custom wedding invitations and a lot of coordinating items like matching table name cards, and placecards. Each one is a unique item. 

My Creative Weddings'
This weekend we will be at the Bridal Showplace at the Long Beach Queen Mary. 
Visit our booth and check out all the colorful favor boxes!
If you see us at the convention, mention our blog and you'll get an incentive!

We'll try to update as much as possible.