Friday, January 25, 2008

My Creative Wedding Invitations and Pole Dancing?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Colette owner of OC Pole Fitness in Aliso Viejo. My girlfriends and I like to do different things and yesterday had a private session with Colette. I do admit that I was a little embarrassed at first and didn't know what to expect, but Colette tricked us! We basically got one heck of a workout and didn't know it! It works out your core and arms and builds your strength. It increases your flexibility, improves your posture and burns fat! She mentioned to me that they do a lot of bachelorette/bachelor parties. This would be an awesome class to take your bridesmaids. It was fun, different and I actually got a great workout! Whatever my initial thoughts were about "pole dancing" couldn't be more wrong. To all the brides out there...go see Colette in the OC!!! She's awesome! You are not being taught by a professional stripper. This girl has an MBA, two beautiful girls and teaches self confidence in women who take her classes. My girlfriends and I can't wait to take our next class!

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