Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mini Golden Book Baby Shower Invitation

This particular year five close women in our lives were blessed to be with child. We had the honor of doing 3 of the 5 baby shower invitations. One of the three gals, is our friend Amiel who will be having a little Irish baby and a baby shower in the month of March, so close to St. Patty's. We decided to do a Mini Golden Book Baby Shower Invitation, complete with a child's fairytale story ending in an invitation to the baby shower. We custom designed the gold spine with four leave clovers, we saddle-stitched the book with a gold metallic thick paper, and even personalized each book with each guests name on the inside. "THIS GOLDEN BOOK BELONGS TO..." followed by a handwritten guest name in cursive completed the look. The best part is they were mailed with 1 forever stamp!

As we eagerly await her baby shower in Del Mar, we're gathering decor ideas and can't wait to share all that we've come up with!

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