Friday, March 7, 2008

Custom Invitations with Hotel logos

It's always more impressive if your Hotel Accommodation Card or Map have the logo of the hotel that you're directing your guests to. Especially if it can be printed in your colors! It looks professional and has the added bonus of being custom! If you're not getting invitations from My Creative Wedding does your invitation person do this for no additional cost? It's YOUR invitation, YOUR blank canvas. Whatever you decide to design it with is up to you! At no additional cost!

We've done all types of logos. The ones in the picture above: Verandas, St. Regis Monarch Hotel, Doubletree, Dreams Cancun, Sheraton Park, Pala Mesa Golf Course, Outrigger Hawaii, Hilton, The Portofino Redondo Beach, and 7-Degrees Laguna Beach.

Get your hotel / venue logo on your invite...I did! I got married at the Lion's Lighthouse for Sight located near the Aquarium of the Pacific. My talented friend Amanda is a professional Illustrator and drew the lighthouse logo for me to help with the wedding, which I used for my engagement invitations and plan to still use when we send out invitations for our renewal of vows.

If you're still shopping for invitations, ask the others if they provide this custom design service and more importantly for how much?


Laurenlmw said...

I love the idea of this! it makes it so much more personal.

amjn said...

Cute Idea. I'll have to check the logo of the hotels and get back to you.

jamie said...

you're such a pro! :)

Janet said...

such a great idea