Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How to make your Wedding Invitations personal to you!

So many brides want their invitations to be different, unique, they want them to stand out from the rest, and look creative but don't have the opportunity to find anyone that will do it for a reasonable price. Well that's where we fit in. Did you know that when we say custom...it really is! Here are a few samples of My Creative Wedding invitations that have the personal touch:
Debbie and Steve, one of my favorite couples, are getting married this May. They wanted an invitation that had Steve's family crest:
They loved the way that we incorporated the family crest in the design of the invitation.
Or Ana and Mario who wanted wedding invitations with a rose design from:
To this:
And I love how my bride Gillian found inspiration for her invitations from her wedding cake from Erica O'brien
And if you can't make up your mind with the colors, see them in different colors without finding the mistake after it prints:
And one of the weddings I can't wait for: Tiffany and Jeff who are getting married on 08.08.08! They have a carnival theme. Our inspiration: the farris wheel.
Used with striped grosgrain navy blue ribbon and hot pink metallic paper!
You want to know what real customization means? It means incorporating WHATEVER they want! Don't let stationary "boutiques" tell you that your theme isn't "etiquette". If we listened to them, we'd all have white invitations with tissue in between them!
My hat's off to Tiffany and Omar! They're getting married on October 31st! That's right Halloween! Inspired by their love for theater and the movie "Nightmare before Christmas" their theme will set the tone for their wedding. And their invitations...custom designed pocket-fold coffin invitations!


jamie said...

omg. you are amazing. LOOVE This post. totally cool. soo stinkin proud of you!

amjn said...

These invitations are so fun. It makes me want to change all my ideas! Ahhh. You are so creative!

Janet said...

such a cute idea! I thought I knew what I wanted in an invite, but you have so many i like

Anonymous said...
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Vincen said...

How can I get the nightmare before christmas invitations??? I want them !!!!

Vincen said...

where can i get these nightmare before christmas invitations??? I want them!!!!!